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Screw Thread Insert Tap

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STI Tap Screw Thread Insert Taps Oversize Tap

  • STI Taps are available in HSS material as standard and in other materials such as HSS-E.
  • Coated taps with TiN or desired special coatings can also be provided.
  • STI taps are also referred to as Screw Thread Insert (STI) Taps and must be used for screw thread insert repairs. l STI Taps are supplied with Thread Repair Kits and may be used with the same tap handles as conventional taps.
  • STI Taps in various types and styles to produce holes for Tolerance Classes 4H5H and 5H for use in the general range of aluminums, magnesiums, mild steels. These taps are designed and manufactured of high speed steel to the most rigid specifications.
  • Before screw thread insert installation , the drilled hole has to be tapped with a STI hand tap or machine tap of the correct tap size.
  • Types of STI Taps available include:
    1. Standard Plug screw thread insert taps (4-Thread Chamfer): Easy starting for through-holes and blind holes.
    2.Standard Bottoming screw thread insert taps (2-Thread Chamfer): Ideal for blind holes that are drilled to a minimum depth.
    3.Spiral Pointed Plug screw thread insert taps (4-Thread Chamfer): Free-cutting for use in long through-holes and in blind holes
    with chip clearance.
    4.Spiral Flute Bottoming screw thread insert taps (2-Thread Chamfer): Pulls chips out of deep or blind holes in soft materials.

Screw Thread Insert Tap
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