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   Download 2018 new catalogue in english
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        Pages 1-127 (PDF: 14.3MB)  

  pdf russia Download new 2018 Carbide Brazed Tool Bit catalogue( Русский Каталог 2018)
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  pdf russia Download carbide insert 2018 catalogue(ПЛАСТИНЫ)
        Pages 1-140 (PDF: 28.5MB) 

  pdf russia Download measuring tools 2018 catalogue(измерительный  инструмент)
        Pages 1-24 (PDF: 2.02MB) 

  pdf russia  Download end mill & milling cutter 2018 catalogue in English and Chinese
        Pages 1-127 (PDF: 14.2MB) 

As a fast growing mfg. and supplier of cutting tools in china, our background can go back to 10 years ago. We are very experienced in making good quality cutting tools with obvious cost advantage.

Our cutting tools range cover as follows:

 1)Metal Cutting Tools Series:
 Twist drill bits, end mill, milling cutters, slitting saw. taps & die, tool bits, reamer,coutersink,couterbore and other metal cutting tools;

 2)Woodworking cutting tools series:
 Auger bits, hinge bits, step drill bits, brad point drill , forstner bits,router bits and other wood working cutting tools.

 3)stone working tools series:
  Masonry Drills, hammer bits,chisel,hollowcores and other stone working tools.

   4)Machine tools accesories:
   Drill chuck, lathe chuck, tap chuck,milling chuck,collet, boring head,retention knob,sleeve,live center,dead center and other cutting tools series.

We conduct cutting performance test and inspection for all our cutting tools before shipment. Our QC staff has more than 20 years cutting tools inspection experience.

We can produce DIN/ISO/GOST (ŗOCT)/ANSI standard cutting tools. Also we could supply special cutting tools according to customers’ design.

Contact us for made-in-China cutting tools today.
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